Revolutionary Strategy: An Online Textbook

Readings in anti-capitalist revolutionary strategy.

Table of Contents

I. Against the Stream: Perspectives on the Revolutionary Project in Non-Revolutionary Times

  1. The End of 20th Century Socialism? Or the Beginning of a New Socialism? (Alan Sears)
  2. The Young and the Leftless: An Open Letter on Organization (Kim Deihl, Michelle Foy, Bryan Proffitt, Claire Tran)
  3. Building Toward the Next New Left (David McNally)

II. Fundamentals of Revolutionary Politics

  1. Identity Politics and Class Struggle (Robin D.G. Kelley)
  2. Feminism of the Anti-Capitalist Left (Lydia Cirillo)
  3. Race, the National Question, Empire and Socialist Strategy in the USA (Bill Fletcher, Jr.)
  4. Elements of Revolutionary Strategy (Fran├žois Sabado)

III. Anti-Capitalist Protest Tactics and Movement-Building Strategies

  1. The United Front Tactic (Paul LeBlanc)

IV. Revolutionary Organization: Some Models

  1. Ideas for the Struggle: On Revolutionary Organization (Marta Harnecker)
  2. Revolutionary Organization (Michael Albert)
  3. The Leninist Theory of Organization (Ernest Mandel)
  4. Toward a New Beginning – On Another Road: The Alternative to the Micro-Sect (Hal Draper)

V. Revolutionary Publishing and Pedagogy

  1. Newspapers and the Workers (Antonio Gramsci)
  2. Agitation and Propagation (Duncan Hallas)

VI. “After the Revolution”: On Post-Capitalist Alternatives

  1. Socialism as it was Always Meant to Be (Robin Hahnel and Michael Albert)
  2. Participatory Planning Through Negotiated Coordination (Pat Devine)
  3. Overcoming Blind Spots in Left Vision: Participatory Planning (Robin Hahnel)

VII. History of Revolutionary Politics

  1. Socialism From Below (David McNally)
  2. The Two Souls of Socialism (Hal Draper, 1966)

VIII. Classics of the Revolutionary Tradition

  1. Communist Manifesto (Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, 1848)
  2. The Civil War in France (Karl Marx, 1871)
  3. The Paris Commune and the Idea of the State (Mikhail Bakunin, 1871)
  4. Socialism, Utopian and Scientific (Friedrich Engels, 1880)
  5. Anarchism: Its Philosophy and Ideal (Pyotr Kropotkin, 1898)
  6. War and Revolution (Karl Kautsky, 1912)
  7. Ten Days that Shook the World (John Reed, 1919)
  8. What Does the Spartacus League Want? (Rosa Luxemburg, December 1918)
  9. Organizational Questions of Russian Social Democracy (Rosa Luxemburg, 1904)
  10. The State and Revolution (V.I. Lenin, 1917)
  11. Left-wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder (V.I. Lenin, 1920)
  12. The Lessons of October (Leon Trotsky, 1924)
  13. The Transitional Program (Leon Trotsky, 1938)
  14. Three Conceptions of the Russian Revolution (Leon Trotsky, 1939)
  15. Message to the Tricontinental (Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, 1967)

IX. Suggestions for Further Online Reading



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